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Livingstone's Final Journey in Zambia


The purpose of this journey is to retrace Dr. Livingstone's Final journey in Zambia.

Duration: 18 Day Safari
Location: Zambia
Category: Exploration
Tour Code: SK 901
Price: $ 5995 (min 6 travellers)




Dr. David Livingstone was one of the most famous explorers ever to roam the African Continent. His travels in Africa started in the early 1840's in Cape Town and continued until his death in 1873 near the village of Chitambo in Zambia.

Throughout his years of exploring the African Continent, Dr. Livingstone maintained a strong and sometimes tenuous relationship with the Royal Geographic Society of London, as they were the sponsors of several of his expeditions. His journeys took him through magnificent lands that offered mental and physical challenges of which we can only imagine today. Remember in those days there were no navigation systems or motor vehicles. Most of his travels took place via boat or on foot. 

Livingstone explored Africa for over thirty-five years and made several new discoveries including the first sighting of Victoria Falls.

We have decided on his final journey. On this expedition we follow in the footsteps of Livingstone. Most of our days are spent traveling over rugged terrain on foot and via canoe on remote not often traveled waterways. Sometimes on our journey we will be traveling by 4WD vehicle. Passages and maps from Livingstone's personal journals are given to participants, so you can track our daily progress.
Our Expedition will be lead by local guide, Mark Harvey. Mark is a third generation Zambian and his family property is in an area where Livingstone passed through on one of his journeys. So Mark is very well versed on local Livingstone history. This expedition has only been completed once before as Mark Harvey and Steve Krenzen did it in 1999, so this is the first time it has been attempted since 1999.



Follow in the footsteps of famed Explorer David Livingstone
Travel where there is no tourism
Visit Villages that Livingstone did
Meet the local Chiefs
Travel by traditional canoe
Travel on foot
Visit Livingstone monument
Participate in a Historic Event Extensions:
North and South
North and South Luangwa Game Parks
Victoria Falls
Zambezi River
Kafuwe National Park
Luangwa Game Parks
Victoria Falls
Zambezi River
Kafuwe National Park


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